Cinnamon Bun Soap Tutorial - How To Make Dessert Soap

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  • Author: ToniEllison


Let's make soap! I decided to try an experiment in soap making and ended up with these super realistic looking cinnamon bun soaps. The soap smells just like ...

Oreo Soap Tutorial - How To Make Oreo Cookie (Food) Soap

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Showing you how to make soap that looks just like Oreo cookies! MATERIALS: Oreo Cookies Popsicle Sticks Food Coloring / Black Dye Bowls Mold Putty Sugar Cook...


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  • Author: Doctor Mad Science


Please join me on my page Facebook Autistic Child does science experiments! He does it for the love of creating and ...

Avisa's Skin Food — Chemical free soaps available in Brixton

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  • Author: jetblakink


Sis. Avisa's gave me a tour of her brand new chemical free Skin Food Shop, situated 189 Stockwell Road, a mere stones throw from Brixton Academy. She promote...

Let's Make Soap! [Melt and Pour]

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[OPEN!!!!] Today I'll be showing you how to make your own melt and pour soap sweets using methods from the book, Soapy Love. You do not have to buy a kit lik...

My 2 Year Old Niece's Thoughts on Food, Soaps, Monsters and Naughty Words

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  • Author: spoolinimpreza


My 2 year old niece recently spent the night. She doesn't tolerate foul language.

Milk Food Coloring And Dish Soap Experiment ~ Incredible Science

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Subscribe!: Buy the items here: Find us on Facebook! h...

Organic Handmade food Soaps

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  • Author: cookerysoaps


Delicious, creamy, sweet, fresh. Wonderful foods, without any of the calories! Any video maker with more than 5000 subscribers is eligable to get free sample...

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