Cinnamon Bun Soap Tutorial - How To Make Dessert Soap

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Let's make soap! I decided to try an experiment in soap making and ended up with these super realistic looking cinnamon bun soaps. The soap smells just like ...

Oreo Soap Tutorial - How To Make Oreo Cookie (Food) Soap

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Showing you how to make soap that looks just like Oreo cookies! MATERIALS: Oreo Cookies Popsicle Sticks Food Coloring / Black Dye Bowls Mold Putty Sugar Cook...

How to make Soap Cupcakes with Whipped Frosting

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  • Author: Soap Queen TV


They look like cupcakes, they smell like cupcakes, but don't be fooled, it's soap! Learn how to make soap cupcakes with whipped frosting from the Soap Queen ...

Milk Food Coloring And Dish Soap Experiment ~ Incredible Science

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Subscribe!: Buy the items here: Find us on Facebook! h...

Let's Make Soap! [Melt and Pour]

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[OPEN!!!!] Today I'll be showing you how to make your own melt and pour soap sweets using methods from the book, Soapy Love. You do not have to buy a kit lik...

Easy DIY Jelly Soap!

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Ingredients: ~1/2 packet of unflavored gelatin ~3/4 cup of hot water ~pinch of salt ~1/2 cup of liquid soap ~1-2 drops of food coloring or soap dye (I used h...

Avisa's Skin Food — Chemical free soaps available in Brixton

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Sis. Avisa's gave me a tour of her brand new chemical free Skin Food Shop, situated 189 Stockwell Road, a mere stones throw from Brixton Academy. She promote...


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Please join me on my page Facebook Autistic Child does science experiments! He does it for the love of creating and ...

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