Top 10 Goals - Against Former Clubs

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How often have we seen it? A player taking on his old club and scoring at the first attempt. Mario Götze scored against Borussia Dortmund for Bayern Munich o...

A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

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Brother Rachid addresses President Obama about ISIL and Islam; he explains to him how ISIL is imitating the prophet Muhammad in every detail they do. ISIL re...

Former Black Panther Calls For The Killing Of Whites

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Twitter handle @TheSailor2014 spews racial hate and calls for the killing of all whites and white protestors in ferguson from his twitter account. He or she claims to be a rawstory contributor...

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din: A Civil State Is the Only Solution to Combat ISIS

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In a recent TV interview, former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din called for the establishment of a civil state in Iraq based on man-made law and equality, rather ...

Former Satanist shows everyday occultism.

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Former Satanist, speaks of everyday occult objects and practices. The Prophecy Club.

Indonesian Nirmala wins civil suit against former boss

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Former maid Nirmala Bonat has been awarded RM139,197.20 in damages after she wins a civil suit against her former employers for abusing her 10 years ago.

Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless

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Learn Magic at Donation for Eric: Vlogs on my 2nd channel:

Former FBI Chief Comes Clean About Conspiracies And Corruption

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His name is Ted Gunderson, and he is an American hero.

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