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Michel Foucault Beyond Good and Evil 1993)

  • Length: 41:45
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Debate Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault - On human nature [Subtitled]

  • Length: 70:3
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The full tv debate by Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault on the question of Human Nature. Subtitles: English, Portuguese. Proper subtitles. [Dutch & Portuguese below] Excerpts from the historical...

A Critical Intro to Foucault

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  • Author: Brad Younger


An introductory talk on Michel Foucault given by Michael Roth at Wesleyan University.

Foucault—The Lost Interview

  • Length: 15:47
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  • Author: Lionel Claris


This until now rarely seen 15-minute footage is of an interview that was conducted by the Dutch philosopher Fons Elders in preparation for the debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault,...

13. Introduction to Foucault

  • Length: 77:27
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  • Author: Mark Thorsby


In this video, Professor Thorsby gives a conceptual tour of Foucault's essay on "Governmentality" and the first chapter of Discipline and Punish, 'The Body of the Condemned'

Juridical, Disciplinary, and Biopolitical Power: Basic Background on Foucault

  • Length: 55:18
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  • Author: Melissa Wilson


Dr. Robin James, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at UNC Charlotte, presents an overview of Foucault's theories on juridical, disciplinary, and biopolitical power. She discusses the right...

Rick Roderick on Foucault - The Disappearance of the Human [full length]

  • Length: 45:47
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  • Author: The Partially Examined Life


This video is 6th in the 8-part video lecture series, The Self Under Siege: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (1993). Lecture notes: I. Foucault is a strong anti-humanist who believes...

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