Christina Grimmie Audition: "Wrecking Ball" (The Voice Highlight)

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YouTube star Christina Grimmie has her pick of coaches Shakira, Usher, Adam or Blake after nailing Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball." » Get The Voice Official App:

Calling All Team Grimmie

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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and i appreciate every ounce of your love! Excited to see what happens here... Thanks for supporting and watching :) My WEBSITE:

"Heroes" by Alesso & Tove Lo - Christina Grimmie Cover

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Hey guys! Here's my version of Heroes. gorgeous song when yu strip it all down. LOVE YOU TEAM. YU GUYS RAWWK \|/ My WEBSITE: My Facebook: http://www.facebook.

Christina Grimmie singing "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic

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Yooo guys! Back with a new video! Happpyyy New Year! This year I got a lot of amazing stuff lined up for you so uhh...GET PSYCHED yes?! (; love ya team YU GUYS RAWWK \|/ My WEBSITE: ...

Christina Grimmie's Room Sessions - "Give Me Love" Ed Sheeran

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was just hanging with my friends goofing off and filming...wasn't planning on posting but this turned out pretty nice and a lot of you were asking for it! By the you live in Europe?...

"Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

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  • Author: Kurt Hugo Schneider


Check out our Epic Patty Cake song here! Hope you guys like this duet between Christina ...

Christina Grimmie singing "Demons" by Imagine Dragons

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New Video! YU GUYS RAWWK \|/ My WEBSITE: My Facebook: My Twitter:!/therealgrimmie My Store:...

"Cliche" Lyric Video - Christina Grimmie

  • Length: 3:31
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Tags: Lyrics to "Cliche" by Christina Grimmie LOVE YOU TEAM GRIMMIE:D I really hope yu enjoy this. I worked so hard on this song and...

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