How to use the zoom h4n audio recorder along with video recording

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  • Author: Marcellus King


Just a quick video on how I sync my audio from my zoom recorder to the video feed on my canon camera.

Outdoor Video Gear + Audio Recorder Showdown: Zoom H4n vs. Tascam DR-40

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Griffin reports on a studio specializing in super slow motion, Zach King's green screen tutorial for Final Cut Pro X, Sam & Niko's DIY air cannon, the best S...

Zoom H4n Is A Studio In The Palm Of Your Hand, But Weighs Much Less Than An Actual Studio

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  • Author: gearwire


Ever the multi-tasker, Owen O'Malley holed up in the Gearwire studio recently and laid down a sweet track on the new Zoom H4n. Featuring more inputs and more...

ZOOM H4N quick over view of features. - DSLR Film NOOB

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Tags: If your thinking of upgrading to a zoom H4n this video might push you over the edge. I use my field recorder almost daily and my ...

How To: Attach Wireless Mic and Shotgun to Zoom H4n Recorder

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Camera Mic vs H4n Zoom vs Audio Technica Shotgun mic Review

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  • Author: Jahnna Lee Randall


Onboard Camera Mic vs H4n Zoom vs Audio Technica Shotgun mic Video Review. Jahnna Randall and Gizmo put together this sound video review to showcase the diff...

Zoom H4n Tutorial Review Multitrack example

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SEE ADDITIONAL HI-DEF VIDEO at This clip is a small review clip from a full length Training DVD available at h...

H4n Compared to the Tascam DR100 MKII

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More info here: I have been using the H4n for as long as I have been shooting on ...

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