Chop & Brew - Episode 06: Growing Hops at Home (Part 1)

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Another spring, another hop crop gets underway. In this episode of Chop & Brew, we look at the basic steps to planting hop rhizomes in containers and in the ...

Harvesting Home Grown Hops

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  • Author: benshomebrew

Tags: or How to harvest mature hops, what to look for and how to dry hops for brewing beer. ...

Hops from Hallertau - for the World's Best Beers (Long Version)

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(C) Hopfenpflanzerverband Hallertau e.V. Located between Munich and Nuremberg, Hallertau is the world`s largest contiguous hop growing area. Close to one of ...

How Wet Hops Will Make Your Beer Amazing

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It's fall and that means the one thing for brewers... WET HOP BEERS! Learn about the freshest ale you'll ever have, in this weeks episode of Brew Age. Specia...

Hops TV, Episode1: Planting Hops

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Welcome to the first episode of Hops TV. Stacy Puterbaugh from will teach you how to plant Hop Rhizomes, and give you basic care instructi...

When to Harvest your Hops - BobbyfromNJ

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The biggest mistake new growers make is getting too anxious and harvesting all their hops before they are ready. Don't waste all your efforts by jumping the ...

Growing & harvesting hops for craft beer brewing - Hopping for Brew

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  • Author: Roger Bindl


Best Documentary Award at 2013 Wildwood Film Festival, this is a story about the renewed efforts to grow hops in Wisconsin, the groups & cooperatives support...

How to grow hops

  • Length: 5:18
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  • Author: Theplantshop


Growing hops is loads of fun, give them plenty of space,sunshine, water and tucker and before too long you'll be brewing your own special blend using your ow...

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