UK Parliament tour - Welcome to the Houses of Parliament

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This short video is an introduction to the UK Houses of Parliament, from the work of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, to Parliament's history, ar...

The Houses of Parliament, London

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Video showing the Houses of Parliament in London. From The video is provided by http://www.londo...

Funny House of Commons Moments

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Tags: - A collection of funny House of Commons moments showing British politics at its best (or, you may consider, worst)

UK Parliament tour - House of Commons Chamber

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The House of Commons Chamber is where Members of Parliament meet to discuss legislation, to hold the Government to account and debate issues that concern the...

Houses of Parliament Tours

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Take an audio or guided tour inside the Houses of Parliament and experience a unique combination of 1000 years of history, modern day politics and stunning ...

Heated moments in the British parliament debate on Syria

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The British House of Commons debates a motion and amendment on possible military action against Syria.

Houses of History -- Explore the story of Parliament and democracy

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Journey through time with this playful, animated and interactive timeline, and explore the story of democracy. Explore the Houses of History interactive time...

Chaos erupts in the House of Commons (13July11)

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Speaker in the House of Commons settles the MP's during a heated debate, John Bercow.!/groups/204932742895536/

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