How Much Information?

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How much information is there in Spanish vs English, you vs the world? Check out Audible: Huge thanks to all the amazing people who m...


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Public lecture series hosted by Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics in Waterloo Ontario, Wednesday Dec 05, 2007. Speaker(s): Leonard Susskind, Sir An...

Blizzard Insider Information Leaked

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An employee of Activision Blizzard brought us some new information about Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch and other Blizzard games and their future development. ♥ Live stream: http://www.twitch.t...

Vlatko Vedral: Everything is information

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Physicist Vlatko Vedral explains to Aleks Krotoski why he believes the fundamental stuff of the universe is information and how he hopes that one day everyth...

I Love Information Technology

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Awarded First Place at the Association for Information Systems (AIS) 2013-2014 Student Chapter Leadership Conference and International Competition for the IT...

MH17 - Die Information zum Nachdenken

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Januar 2015. Eine Dokumentation von Russia Today über die Hintergründe zu der Untersuchung der Flugkatastrophe der malaysischen Passagiermaschine in der Ukraine am 17 Juli 2014 (Flug ...

Stranded Deep Gameplay ➤ HUMPBACK WHALE! Update Information

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Stranded Deep Gameplay featuring whales and the next episode in the Stranded Deep series. Remember to hit that like button and subscribe for more content from Stranded Deep: □ Subscribe:...

Did You Know - Information Technology Revolution

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Where do you fit in the Information Technology Revolution?

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