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VISIT OUR SPONSORS*** | ***WEBSITE*** ***Facebook*** http://w...

Enzyme function and inhibition (with audio narration)

  • Length: 1:8
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  • Author: JubbaTheHott


This was created over a couple of days to demonstrate how a simple animation can be used as a learning aid for scientific concepts that may be difficult for ...

4 min inhibitor - 8 minute nexus

  • Length: 9:3
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  • Author: ziem


watch live at

How to add inhibitor to a central heating system

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  • Author: Ultimate Handyman


This video shows a quick and easy way to add inhibitor to a central heating system through the towel radiator. It is important that the central heating is sw...

How to put inhibitor into your central heating system.Increase heating performance,save money

  • Length: 3:32
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How to add inhibitor to your central heating system.This will prevent your heating system from sludging up and slowing down performance and so saving you mon...

4 Minute Inhibitor Strategy

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  • Author: Redmercy


LIKE for the most OP strat in existence EVAR :D Chat/Game with your friends, Razer Comms: You pretty much all run teleport, a disengager ...

5 Minute Inhibitor vs CLG EU

  • Length: 21:53
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  • Author: Tatertot


This was our 5's ranked game against CLG EU. It was a total blast and it really came down to a nail biter at the end. Kudos to the CLG guys, they were great ...

Competitive and non-competitive inhibition.mp4

  • Length: 2:2
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  • Author: Wayne Hodgkinson


Overview of the key difference between competitive and non-competitive inhibitors, for IB Diploma Biology students.

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