• Length: 6:40
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  • View Count: 17730184
  • Author: mbm34


Inspirational Video: Movies: Forever Strong, Pursuit of Happyness, Miracle, Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, Rocky, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, Re...

Best motivational video ever 2013 - GET RESULTS [HD]

  • Length: 7:8
  • Rating Average: 4.8934054' max='5' min='1' numRaters='43004' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 6070803
  • Author: ExecBoard inAsia


Best 2013 motivational and inspirational video: Motivation, Inspiration, Success, be Great! Created for you by Timeo-Performance With the team we wanted to b...

Huge Inspiration from Life Class and Oprah

  • Length: 41:0
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  • View Count: 35415
  • Author: mommipreneur .


Visualize your life daily and what you want to manifest, and see what happens. Create your life!!

Motivation and Inspiration - "You Got A Dream?"

  • Length: 15:0
  • Rating Average: 4.8439026' max='5' min='1' numRaters='410' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 131560
  • Author: Eric Champlin


Share this video with someone who you think could use the encouragement! This video is designed to help encourage you through difficult times. If you are fee...

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

  • Length: 4:55
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  • View Count: 10472066
  • Author: Diamond Dallas Page


If this story can inspire someone you know, please share it with them! Arthur's story is highlighted from the beginning, in the upcoming documentary, INSPIRE...

Powerful Motivation and Inspiration for Life

  • Length: 3:5
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  • View Count: 181054
  • Author: greatprox


A powerful motivational and inspirational video created by Nick Dufton to help motivate and inspire. This is my fourth video following the success of Be Grea...

Ray Lewis | Inspiration |HD|

  • Length: 6:37
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  • View Count: 713673
  • Author: bmoreboyjc56


There are no highlights in this video. The purpose is to try and show the world outside of Baltimore who Ray Lewis actually is off the football field. He is ...

Inspiration: Down-Syndrome MMA Fighter refuses to Lose to his condition!

  • Length: 13:7
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  • View Count: 455762
  • Author: Romi Gill


Please join Romi's Facebook page for more inspirational stories and Health & Fitness motivation: Garrett is 23 y...

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