Best Minutes of Italian Football/Soccer

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  • Author: SidneyStJames


Shortly after Grosso's Brilliant (1:33min-mark) goal watch Del Piero defend (starting 3:03min-mark) by first sprinting the back in defence (see him start jus...

Italian Street Soccer (Extra [useless] footage removed)

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  • Author: Eduardo Godinez


Fantastic street skills by two Italian guys at the Piazza del Popolo, Rome. Shout out to FastFoot freestyle soccer. Music by: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem.

Crazy Italian Soccer Fans in Milan

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We went to Milan in December 2003 to watch Udinese play AC Milan at San Siro...what we didn't expect was how crazy the Italian soccer fans still ama...

Italian Soccer Announcer Celebrates Teams Goals

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  • Author: giggedy4goo


This guy just goes apeshit with each goal. Seating separate teams announcers next to each other on the same broadcast seems like a recipe for disaster.

Italian Soccer Star Dies On The Pitch

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  • Author: Aswathy Krishnan

Tags: pls click this link 4 more Italian Soccer Star Dies On The Pitch.

Ball Control 1 DVD - Soccer Italian Style Youth and Academy Training Program

  • Length: 5:58
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  • Author: soccertutor


Get more info at: This teaching method has been developed in the youth and academy technical skills training program...

Italian Soccer Practice

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  • Author: paynustheanus



Italian Soccer Chant

  • Length: 3:36
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  • Author: Broncos716


Sick Italian soccer chant put to some Italy pics.

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