American Jihadi - Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

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'British' Islamic State jihadi threatens more 'bloodshed' before beheading James Foley

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This video has been edited and does not show James Foley's beheading A video released by Islamic State militants purporting to show the beheading of American...

ISIS Beheading Suspect “Jihadi John” to be Identified by Britain

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James Foley's ISIS killer "Jihadi John" is close to being officially identified by Britain and his name will be announced once British intelligence finishes ...

ISIS: How Iraqi Jihadi's Operate In Syria

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This is Why I Feel Betrayed: Are the moderates in the FSA losing their way? Watch our other Islamic State films: Subscribe.

Exclusive: the jihadi Brit who fought and died in Syria | Channel 4 News

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21 year old Ibrahim al-Mazwagi gave his life for a cause he believed in, becoming the first British fighter to die in Syria. The film follows the last months...

The Home-Grown Jihadis Denmark Is Welcoming Back

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European Jihadi: The Guardian follows Big A, leader of one of Copenhagen's most notorious gangs, as he joins rebels fighting the Assad regime Subscribe to Jo...

Jihad in Syria: Journey to the Syrian War | European Jihadi part one

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Gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe, or Big A as he's known on the streets of Copenhagen, made a deal with God that if his brother was delivered fro...

AUDIO Jihadi John speaks in Steven Sotloff beheading video

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I'm back, Obama': ISIS executioner Jihadi John taunts President as he beheads second US journalist, Steven Sotloff . . . and then threatens to kill a Briton ...

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