The Home-Grown Jihadis Denmark Is Welcoming Back

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European Jihadi: The Guardian follows Big A, leader of one of Copenhagen's most notorious gangs, as he joins rebels fighting the Assad regime Subscribe to Journeyman for more: ...

American Jihadi - Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

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Australian jihadi Abdullah Elmir preaches from the front line

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ISIS's weirdest Western jihadi: Australian 17-year-old who vows to fly Islamist flag over Buckingham Palace and calls himself Abu Khaled (but his family call him 'idiot') Sydney teenage Islamic...

'British' Islamic State jihadi threatens more 'bloodshed' before beheading James Foley

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This video has been edited and does not show James Foley's beheading A video released by Islamic State militants purporting to show the beheading of American...

Jihad in Syria: Journey to the Syrian War | European Jihadi part one

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Gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe, or Big A as he's known on the streets of Copenhagen, made a deal with God that if his brother was delivered fro...

ISIS Beheading Suspect “Jihadi John” to be Identified by Britain

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James Foley's ISIS killer "Jihadi John" is close to being officially identified by Britain and his name will be announced once British intelligence finishes ...

Exclusive: the jihadi Brit who fought and died in Syria | Channel 4 News

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21 year old Ibrahim al-Mazwagi gave his life for a cause he believed in, becoming the first British fighter to die in Syria. The film follows the last months...

ISIS: How Iraqi Jihadi's Operate In Syria

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This is Why I Feel Betrayed: Are the moderates in the FSA losing their way? Watch our other Subscribe to Journeyman for more:

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