Jockey School Students Risk Lives for Horse Racing Perfection

  • Length: 7:35
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  • Author: ABC News


"Nightline" goes inside the only professional jockey school in the United States.

Unbelievable true story behind a jockeys life (1 of 3)

  • Length: 30:8
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  • Author: SportofKingsTV


What really happens to many jockeys during their riding careers.

Aidonia - Fi Di Jockey

  • Length: 3:9
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  • Author: AidoniaVEVO


Aidonia New Single "Fi Di Jockey" Produced By Stephen "Di Genius" Mcgregor From Big Ship Records. @digenius1 @aidoniajop @jwonder21 @biggzship.

Female Jockey Simone Montgomerie Killed in Darwin Cup

  • Length: 4:37
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  • Author: NewsKAYadams


Jockey Simone Montgomerie dies after fall at Darwin Cup meeting A jockey has died after a race fall at Fannie Bay during the top end's feature race meeting. ...

GMOD: Meet The Jockey

  • Length: 4:56
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  • Author: Derps The Great Derp


Here I Present the most embarrassing special infected: THE JOCKEY!!!! ENJOY!!! TOOK 50 Translators to find Out what the F#$% he is saying XD.

Thoroughbred Racing Jockey Accident

  • Length: 4:34
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  • View Count: 112311
  • Author: Bruce Skinner


web video showing racing accident produced by 502webvideo.

The British Racing School Jockey Training - World Class (SOUND NEEDED)

  • Length: 1:35
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  • View Count: 18609
  • Author: BritishRacingSchool


The British Racing School provides World Class Jockey Training to jockeys from all over the world. We have a scientific approach to training using only the b...

Jockey Andrea Atzeni

  • Length: 6:23
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  • View Count: 8029
  • Author: Eric Averkiou


An insight into the world of talented Jockey Andrea Atzeni. Filmed over two days, the film follows Andrea during the morning riding out for Marco Botti & Rog...

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