Open Exploratory Laparotomy Technique

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Generally, when entering the abdomen, the surgeon knows what to expect inside. Part 2 The clinical picture and/or ancillary tests...

Exploratory Laparotomy For Ruptured Pyogenic Liver Abscess

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You can view the CT scan of patient showing you ruptured abscess of liver, we performed exploratory laparotomy of patient by giving mid line incision, you ca...

Huge intra-abdominal cyst with daughter cysts inside, cystectomy by laparotomy - Dr Narotam Dewan

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The patient a young lady came with history of very rapidly increasing mass in the abdomen, she said it has increased considerably in the last 2 months. Scann...


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Abdominal exploration - Laparotomy

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Open abdominal surgery or laparotomy refers to any surgical operation in which the abdomen is opened to access or inspect the organs of the abdominal cavity....


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Tags: A laparotomy is an exploratory surgery through the abdominal. "Laparo" means abdominal wall - "otomy" means surgery. Laparoscopic surg...

Test Operating Room footage: Laparotomy

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Note: this educational video features footage from a real operating room, which viewers of a sensitive nature may find upsetting.

29. Exploratory Laparotomy, Incision - Operative Surgery - Dr. Vaidya

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See full description for download link and other surgery videos. Operative Surgery for Undergraduates by Dr. Ghanashyam Vaidya Download this video- http://ww...

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