The LHC - The Large Hadron Collider. What is the LHC, how does it work?

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The Large Hadron Collider is the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built and the highest energy particle accelerator in the world. The acce...

Hadron Collider - Mega Structures - Big Bang Machine

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Please visit my blog Large Hadron Collider may not have found the 'God particle'... but has just explained the existence of the ...

Hangout with CERN: LHC physics - what's new? (S04E01)

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Join CERN physicists to find out the latest results from the Large Hadron Collider, featuring Standard Model Physics and Beyond, the Higgs Boson, Supersymmetry and Heavy Ion Physics. Our host,...

CERN LHC Particle Accelerator Network HD Animation

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Follow the path of the protons from the Hydrogen bottle right through to collision inside the CERN LHC particle physics experiments. Want to learn more about...

LHC Operation Past and Future 1 3

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LHC Operation: Past and Future (1/3) After a successful first running period, LHC is now well into a two year shutdown for extensive consolidation. A pedagog...

Processing LHC Data

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The LHC produces 600 million collisions every second in each detector, which generates approximately one petabyte of data per second. None of today's computi...


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Oxford Sparks: A quick look around the LHC

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Oxford Sparks presents a visit to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. Find out more and explore other LHC resources at

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