My Arms Warrior spec/macros/keybinds

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These are my macros keybinds and everything else. hope you enjoy. Thanks to ImWalkingInCircles for the amazing spot for this video :)

Bajheera - 5.3 Warrior Macros & Keybinds - Warrior PvP Guide (Part 2)

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Get Gungho for 50% off and Free Shipping at Check out Lootcrate! :) - Bajheera's Livestrea...

BajheeraWoW's FURY WARRIOR PVP Macros/Keybinds part 1 (#37)

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Uploaded by BajheeraWoW on Feb 4, 2011 Just an overview of some of my most used Macros and where I have them bound and all that:) I know it's boring, but thi...

Cobrak: Macros, Keybinds & Addons! [Talkthrough]

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Yo guys =] Due to popular demand, here's my video on my macros, keybinds and addons! Nothing too spectacular - I like to keep things fairly simple, so this g...

Tolo - Macros, Keybinds and Addons - World of Warcraft

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You guys have been requesting this video, for the longest time. Possible 6 or more months, and well I finally gave in to you guys, so you have it. A video wh...

Warrior PvP - Bajheera - 4.2 Arms Warrior Guide p1 - Macros, Keybinds, Addons

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My first attempt at making a guide sort of video, but I hope it helps :) Music - "Lost Woods" by DJ Ephixa Macros in no particular order XD The tooltip comma...

Holy Paladin Macros Keybinds Addons Glyphs Talents Gems Enchants [Sacredheals Guide]

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THUMBS UP To Support Sacred! More thumbs up = More "tutorial" videos Keybindings / Macros: `- Holy Light 1-Flash of Light 2-Holy Shock 3-Word of Glory 4-Divi...

AutoCrafting TnT with Macros KeyBinds (Minecraft 1.6.2)

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