John Stossel - Military Spending

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Chris Preble of CATO joins John to discuss how much military spending is enough.

Military Spending - A Global Catastrophe (J. A. Williams Productions)

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The US Military vs The World.

Five Ways to Cut Military Spending Today

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Tags: The U.S. Military has an important purpose, protecting Americans, but that purpose has been distorted over t...

Chinese boost military spending again, rattling neighbours

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With another double digit increase in China's military spending, Asian neighbours are worried, especially Japan. The United States is also concerned. The big...

Live chart: Military spending

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How America's military spending stacks up. For more video content from The Economist visit our website:

Report - Crazy U.S. Defense Spending

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A new SRPRI report shows a dramatic increase in defense spending by the United States of America. Cenk Uygur puts that in context of budget cuts. Subscribe: ...

Live chart: Military spending

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The rivals The similarities -- and differences -- in national military spending.

Eisenhower's Warning: Military Industrial Complex's Growing Budget | Think Back | The New York Times

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Think Back: United States military spending has ballooned since World War II, although Americans have historically been reluctant to go to war. The Times's S...

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