Mitt Romney Makes GOP's 2014 Closing Argument

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GOP Closing Argument - Will the GOP Take The Senate? The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 which a...

Mitt Romney Weighs In on President Obama's Second Term (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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  • Author: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy asks Mitt Romney for his opinion of President Obama's second term, and the two discuss the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight...

Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan On ISIS Threat

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Administration exposes secret operation. Fox News: The Kelly File Fox News Fo...

Mitt Romney sounds off on the midterm elections

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Midterms 2014: Former presidential candidate weighs in.

Mitt Romney Cracks Hilarious Joke At Obama's Expense

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Mitt Romney Cracks Hilarious Joke At Obama's Expense (October 12, 2014)

Mitt Romney’s Epic Irony On Losing An Election Will Make You Spit Your Coffee

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  • Author: The Young Turks


"On Sunday, former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down with CBS Face the Nation to criticize the president's handling of the battle against ISIS forces, as well as his potential...

Mitt Romney: Obama poking GOP in the eye on immigration

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2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney warns President Obama against acting unilaterally on immigration reform.

Is Mitt Romney Running In 2016 Election?

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Former Presidential Candidate Patrick Buchanan joins Michael Smerconish to discuss rumors of another Romney run in 2016. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusett...

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