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2011 Top 12 One Minute Monologue Competition Finalists

  • Length: 15:6
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  • Author: Clay Banks


Huge FYI, the #1MinuteMonologueContest is gearing up again! Please feel free to visit the fb page @ #like #share #comment The top 12 one minute ...

Top 10 Movie Monologues

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You think Shakespeare has a monopoly on monologues? Think again. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie monologues. Check us out at http://www.

Effective short monologues for kids/teens from 3-2-1- Acting Studios, Los Angeles

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  • Author: 3-2-1- Acting Studios


The young actresses in this video each do a short monologue at our Talent Showcase NIght attended by top Hollywood Talent Agents. These students prepared for Showcase Night by enrolling in...

Top 10 Monologues of All Time

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  • Author: CineFix


We all love good dialogue in movies - two characters talking at cross purposes creates some great dramatic tension. But sometimes, the best moment in a film comes when one character steps forward...

Louis C.K. GENIUS SNL Monologue [God,Men,and Hunger]

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  • Author: un1fy003 .


Louis C.K. Ingeniously pointing out Rational Common Themes and relating them to the bigger subjects, All whilst still bringing the funny, Doing what he does best, Stand up. My Channel: https://www...

How to Memorize Scripts and Monologues!

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  • Author: actingislitmylife


Helloo! I hope you found a memorizing technique that works for you! Thanks so much for watching! (: Subscribe for weekly videos like this one! See you in my next vid! Rachel (: *Comment...

"Getting Out"- Audition Monologue

  • Length: 2:11
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  • Author: Adam A. Anderson


This is one of my of my audition monologues from Getting Out by Martha Norman. Adam A. Anderson.

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