Shias and Mutah- What are Their Beliefs and Logic Behind it

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Salam Aleikum brothers and sisters. Both Sunnis and Shias agree that the concept of temporary marriage known as Mut3a was a concept that was provided to us b...

Halal Sex with Muslim Women Prostitution (Mutah)

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Islam is suppose to be a True Religon from a True God. Yet you see Legal Prostituition in it's holy books of Hadiths and also Quran that allows a Man to marr...

[8] Examining the Origin and Practice of Mutah I S. Ammar Nakshawani I Ramadan 2012 1433

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4 Mut'ah صیغه فحشا قانونی ایران Truth Behind Iran's Legal Prostitution Rings

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Mut'ah The Truth Behind Iran's Legal Prostitution Rings صیغه حقیقت در پشت باند فحشا قانونی ایران Nikāḥ al-Mutah (Arabic: نكاح المتعة‎ marriage for pleasure),...

Ulamak Syiah Praktikal Mut'ah

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Sedap betul jadi Ularmak syiah ni....boleh nikah mut'ah dengan anak dara orang dan isteri orang.... ^_^

IN THE BAZAAR OF SEXES - Trailer with english subtitles

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a film by Sudabeh Mortezai documentary, A 2009, 85 min. A lonesome middle-aged bachelor, a divorced single mother, and a jovial young mullah are the protagon...

shia scholar caught on cam doing mutah

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please like :

Arab men flock to exploit Syrian refugee camps to rape girls and for Mutah marriages

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Pleasure marriages or Mutah (Muta)Islamic temporary marriages are flourishing in Syrian refugee camps as Gulf Arabs rush to the camps to exploit and rape wom...

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