Protecting Nuclear Facilities from Criminal Acts

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There are over 1000 different nuclear facilities worldwide, including nuclear power plants, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities. With considerable a...

Inside nuclear security training at Millstone

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  • Author: The Day


The attacks of Sept. 11 had a swift impact on security at nuclear power plants across the U.S. At Millstone Power Station, security teams undergo training at...

Wackenhut Nuclear Security Guards Sleeping!

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Wackenhut Nuclear Security Guards Sleeping on the job!

Nuclear 101: Technologies and Institutions of Nuclear Security

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  • Author: Belfer Center


What are the most important technologies and approaches used to protect weapons-usable nuclear materials from theft? What are the major international agreeme...

Nuclear Security Culture: Concept, implementation and Evaluation

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  • Author: Monterey Institute of International Studies


Dr. Igor Khripunov, Senior Research Associate and Adjunct Professor at the Center for International Trade and Security, School of Public and International Af...

President Obama Speaks at the Nuclear Security Summit

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At the closing session of the Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama discusses progress made at this year's summit toward improving nuclear security around...

LIVE. The Nuclear Security Summit 2014

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  • Author: CivilNet TV


The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 is a world summit, aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe. © Նյութի հեղինակային իրավունքները պատկանում...

Politie houdt niet van filmende burgers tijdens de Nuclear Security Summit

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Tijdens de Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) vinden sommige agenten dat ze zonder aanleiding gebruik mogen maken van de wet op identificatieplicht. Hier was de c...

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