Cooking Japanese Food with My Mom -- Okara

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  • Author: Gil Asakawa


Okara is a by-product of the process of making tofu. It's high in protein and fiber. My mom used to make her own tofu, and made a side-dish from the Okara. S...

Okara Sea Burgers [gluten-free + vegan]

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  • Author: Mary's Test Kitchen


Is this a fishless burger or more like a no-crab cake? You decide. This savory patty is pan-fried crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. A little bi...

Making "meatless" meatballs -- easy okara recipe! (vegan)

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  • Author: WorldOfRandomStuff


Looking for something to do with the pulp left over from your home made soy milk? Definitely do NOT throw it out. You can make these nutritious meatless meat...

How to Make Tandoori Okara Chicken Nuggets (Recipe) おからチキンナゲット (レシピ)

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This is healthy chicken nuggets using Okara! Okara (soy pulp) is a bean curd refuse which is left after making soy milk. It is low in calories, low in fat, h...

Okara butter cake (Banh dau nanh)

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  • Author: VansKitchen


Learn how to make Okara butter cake. An other great way to make use of okara, a byproduct of making soy milk which actually has more nutrients. The cake turn...

Mehndi Dance Okara Part 3

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  • Author: Naeem Iqbal


Okara Pakistan 03216959751.

Como hacer Galletas de Okara

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  • Author: Kawaii MakeUp


Suscríbete: Como hacer Leche de Soya: Ingredientes: ♥ 1 taza de okara (frijol de soya molido). ♥ 1/4 taza de azúca...


  • Length: 2:9
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  • Author: Billy Okara


2012 bike stunts+wheeli by Okara's own Malik Zaheer Ahmad Heera(Best wheeler n 8 consecutive snooker championship winner in Okara) 03128067008... WATCH IN 72...

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