Free electricity ? Over unity ? Amplidyne ? does it work ?

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First, let me say that we ran this for hours earlier. We checked all the voltages, 240 volts from each leg. off the generator. He was leaving and I asked him...

Overunity Free Energy Generator EXPOSED

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Yet another Youtube Free Energy device exposed as a scam. In this video you will see a popular "Free Energy" device which was uploaded by another individual ...

Overunity free energy generator

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More about free energy generators:

440% over unity magnetic motor home generator

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Here is a link to an Update from 2011 Update: Yet again, Facebook censored the article...

Perpetual motion machine? Over unity motor?

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Over unity motor? Perpetual motion machine? See Larskro's channel for more information.

Cavitation Heater - Overunity

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Maybe Newton's logic is a little outdated? Well that's what Einstein concluded.. Perhaps it's time for another correspondence principle? Science Overunity Ov...

Unity Generator - 300% over-Unity for Home/Business

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Discover the amazing Unity Generator and learn more about the Free Energy Party ... a grass-roots movement for a better world. One step at a time, we create ...

Floyd Sweet overunity divice using magnets. Energy multiplication more than tousand times

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