Kim Kardashian Bares All In Paper Magazine Cover and Kanye's Reaction Is Priceless

  • Length: 1:37
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  • Author: Complex


You can count Glee's Naya Rivera as among those unimpressed with Kim Kardashian's already-infamous #BreakTheInternet butt photo on the cover of Paper Magazin...

10 Amazing Paper Tricks!

  • Length: 5:56
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  • Author: brusspup


Add me on Facebook (click LIKE on Facebook to add me) Download links for the music in the video: Song #1 - Soul Switch - iTu...

Tyler, Ingrid, Troye, Hannah, Mandy, Jenn, and Rosianna Visit Paper Towns

  • Length: 3:53
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  • Author: vlogbrothers


In which the Paper Towns movie set is visited by some of my favorite YouTubers, including Tyler Oakley, Ingrid Nilsen, Troye Sivan, Hannah Hart, Amanda Steele, Jenn McAllister, and Rosianna...

How to Make a Paper Popper! (Easy)

  • Length: 9:22
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  • Author: Rob's World


In this video, I explain how to make a paper popper (sometimes called a "flapper" or "banger"). This is a very easy origami model and can be a lot of fun.. a...

How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami

  • Length: 7:49
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  • Author: ProudPaperOfficial


paper: 2x printer paper size: A4 How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami Welcome to my origami tutorial on how to make a paper ninja star/ Shurik...

How to make a Paper Sword - (Tutorial)

  • Length: 3:5
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  • Author: crazyPT


In this video i teach you how to make a paper sword! Paper sword in other languages: Espada de papel; Épée de papier; Papier zwaard; Spada di carta; Бумага меч.

ASMR Ear To Ear WET MOUTH SOUNDS & ASMR Whisper with Paper Sounds and Kisses

  • Length: 27:0
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  • View Count: 13558
  • Author: MissASMR


ASMR by MissASMR This binaural asmr wet mouth sounds and asmr whisper ear to ear video for sleep relaxation with relaxing sounds will give you lots of tingles :) There are many paper sounds...

Paper cannon

  • Length: 3:9
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  • Author: Benny 8025


This video will show you my homemade paper cannon. When it first was released, this was the first and only paper cannon video on Youtube. The lighter is a Su...

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