Silver NOW - My top five reasons for buying physical silver now.

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Here is why you should buy physical silver in 1 oz coins now. As both a safeguard, and and investment but also to screw with the bankers! And I do hate banks...

Rob Kirby-Physical Gold and Silver Contracts Default in 2014

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When does the paper manipulation and price takedown in the gold and silver markets end? Rob Kirby of says, “I still think we see major dis...

GATA Chairman: JPM Has RUN OUT of Physical Silver- Most Explosive Gains of Entire Bull Market Ahead!

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Tags: GATA Chairman Bill Murphy joins The Doc & Eric Dubin on this week's sh...

STACK & ATTACK: Annihilate the Bankers With PHYSICAL Silver & Gold

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STACK & ATTACK: Annihilate the Vampiric Bankers With PHYISICAL Silver & Gold, an interview with the Wealth Watchman. Visit the Wealth Watchman's site: http:/...

Physical Silver vs. Paper Silver | David Morgan & James Turk

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In this video recorded on November 6, 2010, David Morgan of and James Turk discuss paper versus physical silver and backwardation. This v...

The Truth about Physical Silver Market

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Introduction video on what types of physical silver to buy.

Beginners Guide to Buying Physical Silver

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Here is a quick guide to help beginers not to get scammed when buying Silver.

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