Perfectly Precious Potbelly Pigs | Too Cute!

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  • Author: Animal Planet


These mini potbelly pigs don't ask for a lot. Just water, food, and being able to play with their dog-friend Penny! | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal...

Mini Pig Compilation - Most amazing vines of teacup pigs, piglets and micromini pigs!

  • Length: 3:27
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  • Author: Pets Universal


This video features the best Mini Pig Vines! You'll see the most amazing compilation of teacup pigs, piglets and micromini pigs! Go follow these vine creator...

Hamlet the Mini Pig - Goes Down the Stairs

  • Length: 1:16
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  • Author: PiggyGirl2010


He is coaxed down the stairs with oatmeal and then dives into the bowl from the last step.

Pet piglets oinking

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  • Author: loudlysilent


Or squeaking or honking.

Cute Baby Boar Piglets!

  • Length: 3:7
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  • Author: VICE


What's cuter than baby orphan boar piglets? Baby orphan boar piglets being raised by a puppy! When VICE Germany sent us some footage of the Lehnitz animal as...

Pups and Piglets Romp | Too Cute!

  • Length: 1:13
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  • Author: Animal Planet


Doogie the puppy couldn't win over Geronimo the cat, so he tries to become pals with a couple of adorable piglets! | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal....

Dr. Turner welcomes piglets to the nursery

  • Length: 3:53
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  • Author: Veterinarians On Call


Dr. Matthew Turner of North Carolina prepares a herd of three-week-old piglets to be weaned from their mothers and transitioned to dry feed and water. He exp...

Tiny Piglets

  • Length: 2:34
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  • Author: AustinAnimalMagic


Pennywell piglets born in Devon - South West England, thought to be amongst the smallest in the world.

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