• Length: 56:4
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  • Author: DarkSkyWatcher74


Views expressed in this interview may not be your views. Dawn Hull Catfish

Celestial Body Approaching Earth! - NIbiru / Planet X - Proof in the Facts

  • Length: 85:35
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  • View Count: 36026
  • Author: Dan Flynn


WHAT IS THAT? 1:24:37 or 22:00 (the thing moves when he touches it). Do let me know. Thanks. And in 2017 (if this link remains), we're in for some 'serious' ...

Nibiru - Planet X - Battling a Forced Pole Shift - Must Watch

  • Length: 77:28
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  • Author: Dan Flynn


Cars exploding on their own because it's so hot? It's happening. Is a large celestial object orbiting closer to Earth every year? Is this the year? Every sum...

Planet X, Nibiru, Aliens, and UFO'S. Still Don't Believe?

  • Length: 106:56
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  • Author: Dan Flynn


Made for content. Warning, viewer discretion is advised. Nothing in this video should scare you (find out why by watching it and listening, too). It's 2014, ...

Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How HD 1080p

  • Length: 61:21
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  • Author: Your Own World Books


This is the best starting place for those new to the topic of Planet X, because if presents a foundation understanding of the topic. It explains the various ...

The Pole Shift of Planet X (2016 - 2017)

  • Length: 14:2
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  • Author: Planet X Nibiru


Information: Does it take Nibiru 3600 years to complete one orbital journey? As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a siz...

The Secrets of 'Nibiru' - Planet X and the 5th Dimension

  • Length: 91:11
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  • View Count: 29017
  • Author: Dan Flynn


Just how long will people argue about Nibiru's return? That 10th / 12th planet (depending on how you look at it)? For at least a 100 years before the general...

Planet X

  • Length: 52:44
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  • Author: Robby Cohen


If you're a student of truth then I suggest a prayer before listening to this teaching - discernment is power and TRUE power comes from the God of Abraham, I...

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