Documentary - Meeting ISIL (PressTV goes deep inside the terrorist group)

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To learn who these people are, what they are fighting for, and who funds them, PRESS TV goes deep into their camps and brings you face to face interviews and...

Press TV journalist accused by Turkey of spying dies in border car crash

  • Length: 1:51
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  • Author: RT


A Lebanese-American reporter working for Iranian channel, Press TV, Serena Shim has been killed in a car crash in Turkey, following her reports of accusations from Turkey's intelligence agency...

Press TV correspondent Serena Shim killed near the Turkey-Syria border

  • Length: 2:31
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Serena was killed in a reported car accident when she was returning from a report scene in the city of Suruch in Turkey's Urfa province. She was going back to her hotel in Urfa when their car...

Must Watch!!! Former US marine calls Zionist a prostitute on Press TV Debate

  • Length: 4:21
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  • Author: PressTVGlobalNews


Press TV's The Debate on Syria's situation turns into a fight between former Iraq war veteran Ken O'Keefe and pro-Zionist Lee Kaplan. You can also watch the ...

Meeting ISIL 1 (PressTV goes deep inside the terrorist group)

  • Length: 38:33
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Everyone who is not us is the enemy and should be branded as infidel. This seems to be the prevailing ideology of the extreme Takfiri terrorists known as the...

Ken O'Keefe on Press TV's The Debate - Islamic State - September 2014

  • Length: 23:2
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  • View Count: 6158
  • Author: Ken O'Keefe


Basically I cannot stomach the bs from yet another mouthpiece for war. TJP.

Webster Tarpley: "Why Hasn't McCain Been Indicted?" PressTV's "The Debate" 8/23/2014

  • Length: 20:37
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  • View Count: 8413
  • Author: Webster Tarpley Fan Channel


Tarpley shares his thoughts on "The Debate" program on August 23, 2014:"In April 2013, GOP Senator McCain at An Idlib, Syria Terrorist Gathering Pledged US M...

Press TV's Gaza correspondent breaks down while covering Israeli killing of Palestinian children

  • Length: 8:30
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Israel is keeping up a steady stream of attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, killing 11 more Palestinians in its latest airstrikes. The air raids targeted fou...

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