Audi: The quattro principle

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quattro four-wheel drive enjoys a lengthy tradition. The principle involves distributing the engine's power permanently and optimally between all four wheels.

Audi quattro: Learn more about the power of four

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Our legendary quattro technology has been helping drivers stay safe in even the most challenging road conditions since 1980. This video explains how our all-...

Quattro Tested - xDrive video busted

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Audi SQ5 tested with only one wheel 'grounded'. As it should, Audi's Quattro permanent AWD system prevails on ramp test! Proper explanation and testing.

500 hp Audi S4 quattro vs 12"+ of fresh snow! Unstoppable...

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Last night we enjoyed a great winter storm, well over 12" (30 cm) at my house. I wanted to see if my lowered Audi S4 on Dunlop Wintersport 4D snow tires was ...


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FANTASTIC 4 - I Fantastici Quattro, una riproposizione contemporanea dell'originale fumetto Marvel sulla squadra di supereroi più antica che esista, racconta la storia di quattro giovani...

FANTASTIC 4 - I FANTASTICI QUATTRO Teaser Trailer Italiano (2015) HD

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Download App (iOs): ▻ Download App (Android): ▻ Iscriviti al nostro canale: Fantastic 4 - I Fantastici Quattro, moderna...

Non c'è due Senza Quattro

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Audi 80 QUATTRO helps BMW

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An Audi 80 Quattro pulling a BMW out of the roadside ditch. Luckily the BMW had taken no Damage, not even a scratch. Video by sLOW-Productions https://www.fa...

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