Top 100 Shouted Movie Quotes

  • Length: 6:8
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  • Author: Dan TheVideoNinja


Watch the sequel: MOVIE LIST (in order of appearance): -- Predator 12 Angry Men Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Aliens Anchorman B...

Inspirational Quotes

  • Length: 3:6
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  • Author: pokerworld


A video I made featuring my favorite inspirational quotes. I hope it inspires you. Video: pokerworld. Edit: juicyfreshmelon. Audio: John Lennon - Imagine.

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time

  • Length: 9:59
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  • Author: hh1edits


A celebration of some of the greatest 'cheesiest' movie quotes of all time. First featured on Sit back, relax and take in all the wonderful froma...

Cute Love Quotes

  • Length: 4:38
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  • Author: coolsukm33


Here are some of my favorite love quotes. Really cute!! The song is called "And Then I Kissed Him" from the Pearl Harbor sountrack. Lots of people have been ...

Life Quotes

  • Length: 2:26
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  • Author: KJust


Quotes about living life to the fullest.

Bane Quotes from The Dark Knight Rises - HD

  • Length: 11:30
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  • Author: Vegard Bellika


Property of Warner Bros. Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended. Flight scene @00:25 It doesn't matter who we are.. @00:43 They expect one of us i...

Get Inspired - Best Inspirational Quotes

  • Length: 3:11
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  • Author: allgreatquotes


Here is a video I made of best inspirational quotes. Hope they inspire you. More at The music is a p...

Inspirational Quotes

  • Length: 3:37
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  • Author: smilesinc


Music: Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love"; all copyright goes to their appropriate members. I prefer to use this song as it's very heart touching. Authors of...

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