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RAT 3 fixed blade knife: Tough EDC!

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If a good folding knife just isn't up to your cutting tasks then maybe it's time to upgrade to a compact fixed blade. The RAT 3 knife is a strong and superbly executed example. Although you...

RAT-3 knife review

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Ontario knife company's 3.5" fixed blade that can take on the big tasks. Pros:Weight 5.6oz, Maximum control for detailed work, Sheath carry options, 1095 Steel Cons: Handle is a little to...

Ontario Rat 3 Review

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Ontario RAT 3 with green sheath: Ontario RAT 3 with black sheath: The Randal designed Ontario RAT 3 fixed blade knife is a great option for...

Cyborg R.A.T 3 Gaming Mouse - Quick User Review

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A quick user review and look at the budget level gaming mouse from Cyborg/Madcatz. In this review we take a look at the mouse and software downloadable from Cyborg. It might be entry level...

RAT 3 Gaming Mouse

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Rat 3 gaming mouse review, also comparing with the rat 7. Need r.a.t 3 spare parts? Click the Show more button to see the links.... R.A.T 3 UK Spare Parts -

Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Laser Gaming Mouse Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

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Tags: The R.A.T. series of mice has gotten a lot of attention over the past few months for bringing some true innovation to gaming enthusiasts...

[Review] MAD CATZ RAT 3 Gaming Mouse [HD]

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The R.A.T. 3 Gaming Mouse. This thing looks like a transformer! ♢Buy the RAT 3! Amazon [US]: Amazon [UK]: Best Buy: Facebook:...

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