Crazy Rock Slide in China (19/07/2014)

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TMTV News - Nelson BC Canada (UNEDITED) A rock slide as it happens on Highway 31 at Coffee Creek north of Nelson BC closed the highway for several hours. Bolders come crashing down onto the...

Como Mandar Backside Rockslide

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Pag Oficial: instagram: @rodfilmes1 10% de desconto na KANUI: Neste vídeo dou umas dicas de como você mandar o Bs rockslide,...

Polk County Tennessee Rockslide Nearly Kills Road Crew

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Another major rock slide, the second one, has closed highway 64 in Polk county for at least 3 weeks. It came as crews were trying to move debris from the first slide, and only moments after...

huge rock slide into lake!

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shatters in half on the way down,

Giant Rock Slide in New Zealand (EXCLUSIVE)

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An avalanche of rocks came racing down Mt. Dixon in New Zealand. While climbers were practicing avalanche rescue techniques, they noticed a huge dust cloud coming down the mountain.

Taiwan rockslide: 2,000-ton boulder teetering, close to falling

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Footage of a 330-ton boulder rolling down a Keelung mountainside in Taiwan during a rainstorm and almost flattening a passing car below went viral. However, most people are unaware of the fact...

Massive Hill Collapse and Rock Slide!

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