The Saturn-Alien Connection: Ringmakers/Hypercube/CERN/LHC/Illuminati/Demons/Planet X/ect...

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Saturn - Space School

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Nine times the size of Earth, Saturn is a truly unique planet. Learn all about it right here at Space School.

Saturn and its Fascinating Rings

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Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Named after the Roman god of agriculture, Saturn, i...

The Cult of Saturn-Jordon Maxwell

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Jordan Maxwell exposes the truth that Saturn(El) worship is the basis for the Abrahamic religions. The deity El is the origin of words such as Elite, Elders,...


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thank you for watching.

Saturn's Mysterious Moons

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Launched three years before the new century... a spacecraft wound its way through the empty reaches of the solar system. On Earth, its progress was little no...

Planetary Rings ; Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune

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A look at planetary rings, especially those of Saturn where house-sized chunks of ice orbit at 53000 MPH along a chaotic orbital racetrack; how the rings fo...

666 & The Cult of Saturn

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Join us on Facebook : Twitter : @RevMediaCo TAGS--- Arielle Mermaid Nazi heliopolis byblos palmyra lebanon saturn occult abyss o...

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