How to Take a Screenshot on Your Computer

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Text Tutorial*** 1. Find something you would like to take a screenshot of. (ex. video, picture, etc.) 2. Try to make it as big as possible and have it fil...

How to Take a Screenshot

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Watch more How to Understand Computers videos: Your boss has just asked to see a sample of yo...

How to take screenshots on Android

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A picture paints a thousand words -- and so do screenshots. Have you ever taken screenshots on your Android device? Watch this video and learn how to take sc...

How to Take a Screen-Shot on your Computer

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Its extremely easy to do, and can be used for pictures for videos! You can use Screen-Shots for videos, slide shows, power points, or anything else! MS Paint...

how to take a screenshot in windows 7

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this video is teaching you how to take a screen shot in windows 7 with the tools microsoft has provided.

Wie macht man ein Screenshot/Deutsch

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Wie macht man ein Screenshot/Deutsch eine kleine anleitung , ich hoffe für die die keine ahnung haben , wissen wie es geht.

Como hacer screenshot de pantalla en android samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 español Full HD

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S5830 truco para hacer captura de pantalla en samsung Galaxy Ace español YouTube Colombia España México Argentina samsung Galaxy Ace Precio se vende Ecuador ...

البنات و الاسرار #ScreenShot مع #تيماـالشوملي

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Random video blogs with Tima Shomali Subscribe to my channel to get updated with new videos and news Follow Tima: Instagram: timashomali Twitter: @timashomali Facebook: ...

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