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4 Meals, 4 Ingredients, 4 Dollars - College Cooking (Pt. 1)

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Often the best way to really get into cooking is finding simple and quick recipes that are delicious and fun to make. We have spent years finding the best of the best recipes that we think...

How to Make EGG in BREAD Simple Quick Breakfast recipe

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My recipes How to Make Egg in Bread. Not to be confused with egg bread. It's simple and quick to prepare and makes an ideal breakfast or when you're...

Chocolate LAVA CAKE! Easy recipe with 5 simple ingredients!

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HI!!! This week I bring you a super simple and delicious recipe!!! I have been and still am super sick so no voice over this time (you would understand me less than usual LOL). I didn't have...

how to make fried POTATO BALLS recipe - easy food recipes for beginners to make at home

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Video recipes cooking for dinner. simple Meals dishes: how to make crispy balls of potato. I remember when I was a kid, my mother brought me from the market, small potatoballs like these, but...

Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe 계란말이 Tamagoyaki - Eugenie Kitchen

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Learn how to make egg rolls. It's a simple and easy egg recipe, tamagoyaki omelette. "See more" for the ingredients. ♢ Subscribe: ♢ 맛보고 싶으면 '좋아요'...

Simple Roasted Chicken - Roast Chicken Recipe

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Simple Roasted Chicken - Roast Chicken Recipe. Searing the chicken first is the secret to excellent roasted chicken. Roasted chicken is the ultimate comfort food. The same basic technique...

Super Simple Coffee Ice Cream - RECIPE

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ONE POT CHEF COOKBOOKS ON iTUNES BOOKSTORE: Super Simple Coffee Ice Cream is a ridiculously easy recipe that does not ...

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