To Be Skinny (A High School Student Film)

  • Length: 10:27
  • Rating Average: 4.836708' max='5' min='1' numRaters='12199' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 753587
  • Author: Cassidy Parker Knight


A film written and directed by Cassidy Parker Knight, starring Emory Sharplin. In "To Be Skinny," a young girl, Laura, takes her obsession with being beautif...

11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

  • Length: 2:26
  • Rating Average: 4.919123' max='5' min='1' numRaters='37687' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 2505513
  • Author: BuzzFeedYellow


Your anaconda is missing out on some fluffy bread slices right here. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Trad ...

Do Guys Like Skinny Legs?

  • Length: 3:1
  • Rating Average: 4.9656677' max='5' min='1' numRaters='6408' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 107039
  • Author: OnisionSpeaks


Many men search subconsciously and/or consciously for women who look like they are healthy/are stable for reproduction. Women do the same with men, hints hav...

Skinny vs Curvy

  • Length: 4:42
  • Rating Average: 4.6423564' max='5' min='1' numRaters='24393' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 1207550
  • Author: blndsundoll4mj


OPEN ME more body confident videos/blog posts I've done a different kind of barbie

All About The Bass - My skinny bitch response

  • Length: 6:46
  • Rating Average: 3.197997' max='5' min='1' numRaters='11283' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 346720
  • Author: Freelee the Banana Girl


Skinny bitch responds to skinny shaming. Original video here: ☆ Instagram:

Edith Backlund - Skinny [With Lyrics]

  • Length: 3:37
  • Rating Average: 4.909091' max='5' min='1' numRaters='3080' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 348283
  • Author: anamiamusic


I do not claim ownership over any of these songs posted on my channel. I do not mean to infringe on any copyright claims. Please subscribe! Follow me on Twit...

Skinny Fail

  • Length: 3:32
  • Rating Average: 4.828704' max='5' min='1' numRaters='14221' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 738150
  • Author: UhOhBro


If you're skinny fat whatever, what REALLY matters is that you're eating healthy. You do that, you're pretty much good in my book. Contact Me http://onision....

Birdy - Skinny Love Lyrics (HQ)

  • Length: 3:19
  • Rating Average: 4.9167457' max='5' min='1' numRaters='7399' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 1057495
  • Author: Tilly Beard


Lyrics to Birdy's hit song, Skinny Love. Great qaulity. Enjoy :)

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