How to Set Up Skype

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How to set up Skype by Lovell Communications ( Using Skype can be beneficial to your organization's internal communications. Here is a qui...

The Skype Prank

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Happy April Fools Peoples! Click to tell us who to prank next. Click for more like these. CLICK

How to Use Skype

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Using Skype you can make free video phone calls or cheap phone calls. See how to get started using Skype today & discover more fun, futuristic products: http...

How to Skype - Basics Part 1 of 2

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Takes you by the hand and shows you the ins and outs of skype. The tabs, personalizing your profile, chatting and talking via voice.

Skype Laughter Chain

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Laughter brings us closer together -- it's a language we all understand. It's also contagious:watch this video to see what we mean.

Tutorial: The Best Equipment for Skype Video Calls

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Check out our site for all the links! Video calling with Skype is a great way to keep in touch with family and work associates. We're ...

5 coisas pra não fazer no Skype - DESCONFINADOS

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Quem nunca usou o Skype, Facetime ou outro programa de vídeo ao vivo? Seguem dicas de coisas que você não pode fazer em hipótese alguma. Toda segunda-feira u...

Hướng Dẫn Sử Dụng Skype - Download, Cài Đặt, ...

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  • Author: Tùng Trần Mạnh


Người làm ra clip này đang quản lý website: chuyên cung cấp những sản phẩm giá tốt. Mọi người vào ủng hộ nhé. Skype là một công cụ...

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