Paint on a Speaker at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Length: 6:3
  • Rating Average: 4.942438' max='5' min='1' numRaters='89573' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 5170593
  • Author: The Slow Mo Guys


Gav and Dan ruin a perfectly good speaker by pouring paint all over it. But hey, at least it looks pretty in slow motion. Follow Gav on Twitter - https://twi...

Extreme Speaker Test 21" Driver Pop

  • Length: 11:53
  • Rating Average: 4.5425563' max='5' min='1' numRaters='3419' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 334617
  • Author: Photonicinduction


2000w 21" Speaker Test.

Weekend Projects - MonoBox Powered Speaker

  • Length: 7:12
  • Rating Average: 4.899696' max='5' min='1' numRaters='1645' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 205921
  • Author: MAKE


Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Learn the basics of...

Rockin' Paper Plate Speaker

  • Length: 5:11
  • Rating Average: 4.9618635' max='5' min='1' numRaters='8286' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 678329
  • Author: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"


Here's how to make a real working paper plate speaker for under $1.00! To all the MythBusters fans out there .. No offense to ...

[How It's Made] Building a Speaker

  • Length: 4:48
  • Rating Average: 4.8374357' max='5' min='1' numRaters='1950' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 1490461
  • Author: xxDevilxxDriverxx


A simple movie from the Discovery Channel's show titled "How It's Made". This clip reviews the manufacturing process for a speaker. See fo...

B&W 800D DIY Speaker

  • Length: 12:34
  • Rating Average: 4.8244553' max='5' min='1' numRaters='826' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 138746
  • Author: 1Reference1


I put together a few pictures of my DIY speaker project.The speakers sound incredible! I think it turned out very well for a home made speaker but check it o...

avantgarde NANO Horn Speaker System in KENRICK SOUND

  • Length: 2:55
  • Rating Average: 4.8018303' max='5' min='1' numRaters='2841' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 897754
  • Author: 細井研志


Please check my latest videos!! KENRICK SOUND website Horn Speaker System + Active Sub Woofer System ケンリッ...

Eminence Speaker Factory Tour

  • Length: 15:48
  • Rating Average: 4.8461537' max='5' min='1' numRaters='182' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 56019
  • Author: eminencespeaker


An excerpt from our "We Are Eminence" video, this takes you through the manufacturing process at Eminence Speaker. From our Engineering Department to Shippin...

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