Best of "Ew!" Supercut

  • Length: 0:50
  • Rating Average: 4.9351873' max='5' min='1' numRaters='4567' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 125095
  • Author: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


A Tonight Show Supercut of our favorite Ew! moments in "Ew!" Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ...

Whoa-oo-oh Supercut

  • Length: 5:5
  • Rating Average: 4.907387' max='5' min='1' numRaters='907' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 138253
  • Author: Cutting Room


Respect to the artists. Spotify playlist here: If you're interested Check out my playlist "Ear Candy: Headphone Tracks"...

Hit By A Bus* - The Supercut

  • Length: 12:27
  • Rating Average: 4.924943' max='5' min='1' numRaters='4370' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 584357
  • Author: hh1edits


And other assorted vehicles. Wall-to-wall bus and vehicle ownage for the greatest trope of all time. For full list of film/tv clips used, click here: http:/...

Breaking the 4th Wall Movie Supercut - Press Play

  • Length: 8:39
  • Rating Average: 4.9101715' max='5' min='1' numRaters='757' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 91717
  • Author: Leigh Singer


A compilation of scenes and moments from films that all "break the fourth wall" - that is, acknowledge (usually directly to the camera, and therefore the aud...

"Let Her Go": The Movie Cliché Supercut

  • Length: 4:32
  • Rating Average: 4.791781' max='5' min='1' numRaters='730' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 270188
  • Author: Huffington Post Movie Mashups


For more information on this video including a complete list of movies used visit: Subscribe to HuffPost Movie Mashups today: http://go...

The Ultimate “I Am” Movie Supercut (2014) HD

  • Length: 2:21
  • Rating Average: 4.9122643' max='5' min='1' numRaters='3237' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 137803
  • Author: MOVIECLIPS Trailers


Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: htt...

SUPERCUT: Sterling Archer's Best One-Liners (Extended Version)

  • Length: 6:59
  • Rating Average: 4.942124' max='5' min='1' numRaters='3663' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 584966
  • Author: UPROXX


LK Live: The CA Supercut

  • Length: 447:9
  • Rating Average: 4.806452' max='5' min='1' numRaters='62' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 2250
  • Author: Monstroso2001


A mash up of all the CA segments from the LK Live podcast since it was brought back in May 2014, uploaded as per request 00:00:00 - 05/15/14 - Lack of Leader...

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