Tronics - They're Talking About Us

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Title: They're Talking About Us Release: Love Backed By Force Artist: Tronics Released: 1980 Genre: DIY, Punk Country: UK Label: Alien Records Catalog: BEALI...

[WGM Filming in Singapore] 140408 Wooyoung Seyoung - Talking To Us

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Tropic Thunder Cruise Lee Grossman: the universe is talking to us right now

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We don't negotiate with terrorists! Lee Grossman (Tom Cruise) dancing to Flo Rida - Get Low.

Talking Heads People Like Us (HQ)

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From their 1986 album True Stories.

Ashton Irwin talking to us from the bus - 7/15/13

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NOTE: yes, everyone was being obnoxious. we get it. stop commenting about it because now you're just being obnoxious, too! also, don't even dare say we're "f...

Bam Bam talking to us

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Does your American Bulldog sing to you?

US Soldier In Iraq Talking Down to Iraqi Police

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  • Author: Halomaster7


An unidentified US soldier in Iraq talking down and swearing to Iraqi police. If this is the behavior of US occupation soldiers in Iraq than no wonder the Ir...

The Last of Us SPOILER talk

  • Length: 8:59
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  • Author: JeremyJahns


Yep, "The Last of Us" is a game worth talking about more in depth, so Jeremy gives you his SPOILER talk of Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us". See more videos by...

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