How To Choose A Beginner Telescope

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Tags: The question of which telescope is best for the beginner is asked a lot. Here are our thoughts on the best beginner telescope — it r...

Which telescope to buy?

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Below are some of the telescopes I've used in recent years, ranging from ~30 -3000 dollars. (shortened for YTs character limits) Price $35 76mm reflector dob...

Viewing Planets - 4" 5" 8" Telescope Saturn's Rings & Our Moon

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Very nice edition to the playlist right here, I may have caught Saturn's Super Storm through my 8" telescope final images reveal a dark red spot..........Sat...

Hayden Panettiere - Telescope

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iTunes: - Amazon: Music video by Hayden Panettiere performing Telescope. (C) 2012 Lions...

GALILEO'S TELESCOPE - HOW HE CHANGED THE WORLD (Documentary) - Science/Space/History

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GALILEO'S TELESCOPE - HOW HE CHANGED THE WORLD (Documentary) - Science/Space/History A telescope is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote obje...

The New Telescope Arrives

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This clip covers the new LX600 telescope and contains clips of the assembly. I also cover the things I like and dislike about the new system. T-shirts: http:...

"Choosing Your First Telescope" with J. Kelly Beatty

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J. Kelly Beatty from Sky and Telescope Magazine offers a guide to choosing your first telescope. Observatory Night from December 19, 2013 at the Harvard-Smit...

Making the Oberle Telescope

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Enjoy this 9-minute documentary on the building of the tremendous Oberle telescope, filmed by Norman Oberle himself and his wife, Sandy, who helped dedicate ...

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