Secret Service Agent: Obama Is Worse Than You Know

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Alex welcomes Dan Bongino, an author and a former member of the Secret Service's Presidential Protection Division, to break down Obama's other numerous scand...

Fema Preparing for Mass Pandemic

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Alex discuss breaking news that FEMA has ordered a 40 yard dumpster in preparations for a national pandemic, the laws passed in Russia for the incoming Olymp...

Global Meltdown Has Begun

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It's no longer denied that we are going into a global financial implosion, however It's undoubtedly clear that the orchestrated economic collapse is being ac...

Congressman Introduces Bill to Expose Foreign Involvement in 9/11 Attacks

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Rep. Jones and Rep Lynch introduced H. Res. 428 this month that asks President Obama to declassify the entire 2002 report, "Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence C...

Emergency: Obama Has Launched Purge

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Emergency alert!!! This is it, we are in deep shit! If they get away with this they will come for all of us, that's how it works!!!

Obama Top Worry: NUKE BOMB NYC

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Obama made this shocking statement today We broke the missing nuke story here Full Blown Special Reports here htt...

The United States Has Been Funding Terrorism For Years

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Alex continues with callers on the topics of attacks on civil liberties by police, the funding of terrorists and possibilities of a third Iraq war and the pu...


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Alex continues his concise break down of the false flag event in Boston as the official narrative dissolves and the establishment scrambles to blame Muslims ...

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