How to do a graffiti throwie

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  • Author: MoosGraffiti


A helpful step by step video with written instructions of how to paint a graffiti throw up, or throwie. FUN FACT: This video, along with the rest of my video...

Riser - throwie 2011

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  • Author: GRAFFITI PR


Graffiti Bombing on Puerto Rico SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION add Facebook youtube graffiti PR fan page

2011 Graffiti Throwie Bombing

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  • Author: MoosGraffiti


Clips of me bombing quick sloppy throwies. FUN FACT: This video, along with the rest of my videos are entirely shot and edited from my iphone 4.

DUCE3 Throwie in action

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  • Author: Duce KING


Just that Graff life for yaaa;

Anon Throwie guam graffiti

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  • Author: danmcnuggets


fasskine bomb. just buffed it a minute beforehand, paint sunk in. rain started before i could highlight or do a hand. ny fat w/ sekt cap adapter on rustoleum...

Making an LED Throwie

  • Length: 3:31
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  • Author: Josh Lewis


Make your own with these parts from Amazon: Josh Lewis shows you how to make an LED Throwie, a concept created and pioneered by Graffit...

Throwie Collab Graffiti Stickers

  • Length: 3:13
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  • Author: IISIVEII


A couple collabs from Burse. I used Moltow, Deco, and Sharpie paint markers. Music:

How to draw a easy throwie/ graffiti #1

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  • Author: MyTuesdayTutorial


This video shows how to draw an easy throwie. this is especially a good start beginner. don't forget to vote an subscribe me ! ------------------------------...

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