NEED TO KNOW | Generation jobless: 'Millennials' struggle with unemployment | PBS

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The struggles of middle-aged and older Americans during this economic downturn have been well documented. But what about the "millennials," those born during...

Trapped in Unemployment

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The chances of finding a job are grim for the four million long-term unemployed in the U.S., but Joe Carbone is looking to change that in his Connecticut tow...

(Macro) Episode 18: Unemployment

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What does it actually mean to be "unemployed"? "(Macro) Episode 18: Unemployment" by Dr. Mary J. McGlasson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-N...

Learn How To File an Unemployment Claim

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Tags: - Learn HOW and WHERE to file your unemployment claim application...dispell the myths and get great tips for FREE to increase...

U.S. Adds 252,000 Jobs, Unemployment Falls to 5.6%, THERE'S JUST ONE CATCH

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It's Fake! *** While the White House touts the Best Year for hiring since 1999 there are a Record 92898000 Americans out of work, thousands of workers ...

The Bottom Line: Youth Unemployment

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Young Canadians are facing high unemployment numbers. The panel talks about schooling, the skills gap and the best ways for young people to get a job.

(Macro) Episode 19: Types of Unemployment

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There are several different types of unemployment, of varying duration and severity (in terms of implications for the economy). This video goes through the t...

The scandal of youth unemployment: The choice of a new generation

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Five point two million young people are currently unemployed in the European Union. That's a scandal. Youth unemployment in Europe is running at more than tw...

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