NEED TO KNOW | Generation jobless: 'Millennials' struggle with unemployment | PBS

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The struggles of middle-aged and older Americans during this economic downturn have been well documented. But what about the "millennials," those born during...

Trapped in Unemployment

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The chances of finding a job are grim for the four million long-term unemployed in the U.S., but Joe Carbone is looking to change that in his Connecticut tow...

Gallup CEO Fears He Will “Suddenly Disappear” For Exposing Unemployment Rate's 'Big Lie'

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Air Date: February 5th, 2015 This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a '...

(Macro) Episode 18: Unemployment

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What does it actually mean to be "unemployed"? "(Macro) Episode 18: Unemployment" by Dr. Mary J. McGlasson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-N...

Immigrants Process Unemployment Checks for Citizens

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CPAC Neocon roundtable discussion on “When Should America Go to War?” (hint: always); Foreign workers taking tech jobs and writing unemployment checks for Californians; Americans understand...

The Bottom Line: Youth Unemployment

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Young Canadians are facing high unemployment numbers. The panel talks about schooling, the skills gap and the best ways for young people to get a job.

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton The "Real" Unemployment Rate In America @ 11.2% Double What Obama Says

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Gallup CEO and Chairman Jim Clifton reveals what the true unemployment rate is in America for the month of December 2014 at 11.2% unemployed opposed to what ...

Learn How To File an Unemployment Claim

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Tags: - Learn HOW and WHERE to file your unemployment claim application...dispell the myths and get great tips for FREE to increase...

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