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594bolt Says:

Jun 30, 2013 - i love wild girls

Erick Briano Says:

Nov 7, 2013 - i hate the soccer...

Yoctopory Says:

Jan 6, 2014 - And WHY is this "shocking"?

Sergio Ilin Says:

Dec 27, 2013 - SEMRush - sign up for an advanced keywords research tool

StealthyMonk Says:

Feb 17, 2014 - Sexy pixels.

homero limon Says:

Jan 8, 2014 - I was there

kheenz sajid Says:

Mar 22, 2014 - _This Girl Is Awesome...

armando Gaipo Says:

Mar 26, 2014 - As I read the comments guys are not liking the girl flashing have they never seen girls gone wild mabe there just gay or just racist cause she probably is not American I dont know if you don't like it don't watch it go to a gay club

Miguel Castrejon Says:

Mar 3, 2014 - Mexican Boobies yeah!

Hassad Abbass Says:

Nov 27, 2013 - freaks

Arnoldo Cervantes Says:

Mar 13, 2014 - Pinchie schichotas hahaha 

MaPHisto Says:

Mar 3, 2014 - Kinda looses any point if you blur or pixelate the "offending" items. Waste of time.

god yes, religion no Says:

Jan 14, 2014 - talk about being a 'loose' girl, and beyond 'easy'

จรัส ช่วยนุภาพ Says:

Feb 3, 2014 - เชียร์ แบบสุด สุด

Omar Omari Says:

Mar 29, 2014 - SLUTTTS!!

Raina Sparkle Says:

Nov 29, 2013 - yet she wasnt removed wow

Chris Thompson Says:

Dec 18, 2013 - lol as if they keep playing it over and over, even in slow motion, when its just blurred. 

justin james Says:

Jan 25, 2014 - Pretty sad,,,, when some bimbo flashing is far more exciting than the crap, boring, game of soccer. Then again I guess they need something to keep the crowd awake

jon more Says:

Feb 10, 2014 - Top 20? top 20 what, seconds?

Herman Vogel Says:

Mar 3, 2014 - Her grandmother MUST be proud...glad I taught my daughter respect for herself,,,won't have to answer uncomfortable questions at work.

Tytanium Says:

Mar 13, 2014 - They should show it without the censor.

luis pedro almeida pinto Says:

Apr 2, 2014 - i saw fucking nothing, but two blurry things. not fair

lilvin69 Says:

Feb 11, 2014 - Soccer is only popular cuz all u need is a ball to play it unlike real sports that u need equipment t o play thats why only third world country like soccer

AVportau Says:

Feb 22, 2014 - "hey check out my new boob job"... yeah it's ok for a boob job... next.

Thomas E Says:

Mar 17, 2014 - try rugby!