Added: Jan 23, 2007

From: vlud

Duration: 3:9

Earl Weaver cusses out an ump after he gets thrown out of a game.

Channel: Sports


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Samuel Jones Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - Gonna miss you Earl.....I have always been a Yankee fan, but as a kid in the late 60's and early 70's, I loved going to Yankee stadium when the Orioles were in town. There will never be another person like Earl Weaver!! R.I.P.

ACParker13 Says:

Oct 22, 2013 - 2:58 samsquanch sighting

Richie Bambara Says:

Jun 13, 2013 - Boy did he ever lose it that day.

PanteraMark Says:

Jan 20, 2013 - I remember a classic Earl Weaver rant against the Yankees back in 1980. Kicked dirt on all 4 umpires plus buried home Plate with dirt.

johnnyv1938 Says:

Jan 20, 2013 - Rip Earl. Was always one of my favorites to watch.

Patrick Malone Says:

May 19, 2013 - I gotta give it Bill Haller.....held his own and gave it back just as good!!!!!

KayBeeEee1983 Says:

Jan 20, 2013 - "You're gonna be in the Hall of Fame for fucking up World Series?" No, for fucking up umpires, bitch.

Ridge blank Says:

Jan 21, 2013 - They had dinner afterward.

Will West Says:

Apr 23, 2013 - This is my favorite video!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Martin Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - RIP Earl Weaver

Richard Slate Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - RIP Earl Weaver

Stephen Handley Says:

Jul 21, 2011 - #funny *earl*: "you're here for one reason only!" *ump*: "oh yeah, whats that, earl?" *earl*: "to fuck up!" *earl*: "you just wait 5-10 years and see who's in the hall of fame!" *ump*: "oh you're gonna be in the hall of fame? why? for fucking up the world series?"

Alex Fischer Says:

Jan 19, 2013 -

Jeff Zimmerman Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - +christopher rizzo 

J. Palaba Nitsch Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - R.I.P. Earl Weaver you keep St. Peter in line now! Earl Weaver gets pissed

Bob Marchand Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - Rest In Peace, Earl #obit 

Bill Van Dyke Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - RIP Earl Weaver... Great Memories

Darryl Woodbury Says:

Jan 19, 2013 - RIP Earl Weaver.

Devin de Gruyl Says:

Jan 20, 2013 - In memory of one of the all-time greats, here's one of the Duke of Earl's all-time great tirades. Not even Tommy Lasorda, Billy Martin, or Lou Pinella could match the artistry (of getting tossed from games) that Earl Weaver demonstrates here... note the scoreboard, indicating this happened in the *top of the first inning!* NWS for language.

Joe K Says:

Jan 29, 2014 - I had to watch it three times, I'm in tears from laughing

MrDragonkarp Says:

Jan 4, 2014 - this all happened in the first inning

Jonah Platt Says:

Mar 31, 2014 - What's funny is that the umpire tossed him with a hop, skip, and a jump.

Laurence Oliveri Says:

Jan 10, 2014 - R.I.P collisions at home plate. ;'(

UngratefulLiving420 Says:

Apr 11, 2014 - Funny how they revert to little kid arguing around the 1:00 mark...And how Earl keeps pointing his finger right in his face xD


Mar 11, 2014 - Wasn't the 1BU Ron Luciano? I have a cassette tape of him talking about umpiring, somewhere.