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pir sahib - qirat

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Solitaire Reaper Says:

Aug 20, 2008 - Mashallah bahut achi qirat hai. laikin aik baat kehna chahoon ga. quran may hai. jab quran ki talawat ho to khamoshi say suno takeh tum par rehm kiya jaee.

shutyourtrap Says:

Dec 12, 2008 - i dont think he needs any advice from you

rabbani qadri Says:

Aug 8, 2010 - @sweathort harami are you saying Talawath of Quran is bad now too so what ever sunni do is haram for wahabis because wahabis are harami ma ke ulad hai...

zameer rafiq Says:

Apr 3, 2009 - subhanallah may allah bless peer saabs soul inshallah

shutyourtrap Says:

Jan 5, 2009 - listen you fresh prick, Whether he is my pir or not thats does have anything to do with my defending him coz no doubt he is better than you and have no right to comment on his qirat you not qualified so f off

MsRedrose121 Says:

Jun 19, 2011 - does anyone have any dvds of Pir naseer din talawath quran

hossein582 Says:

Nov 12, 2010 - TO YEK ANI

ifti111111 Says:

Jul 10, 2010 - mashaallah.Allah Peer Naseer sb ko jannat mae jaga naseeb farmahy.ameen LOve this recitation. ur's Tabligi and wahabi brother

miang811 Says:


SolidSufi Says:

Jan 2, 2010 - MashAllah!

Zeeshan Haider Says:

Jun 25, 2011 - bhot khoob

vegeta786 Says:

Apr 5, 2010 - plz refrain from saying haq naseer ya naseer it is bida. i have 3-4 dvds wer pir saab have warned ppl not 2 say it...

machine9191 Says:

Sep 29, 2010 - how dare these illiterate muslims accuse this peer of swearing and things like that i always listen to this peers lectures and hes one of the best speakers i have ever heard in my life. i love this guy he was a great peer.its a shame he was taken away so early.may allah bless his soul.i have never heard him say anything lkie backbiting or any othe kinds of bad stuff.

hamidnasir1 Says:

Jan 14, 2011 - Pir Sahib jesi qirat kon kar sakta he.Ap ka Gharana tu wo he k jahan QURAN nazil howa he. Phir Pir Sahib ko aise he Qari nahi hen , ap seven language per Kuli aboor rakhte hen.

nelsona4lyf Says:

Mar 25, 2009 - great voice full of spirtual assence. soul refreshing.

shortymirza85 Says:

Feb 13, 2009 - May Allah Rest Peer Sahib's soul in peace and grant Him a place in Jannat al firdous insha'Allah

fardoon Says:

Jan 30, 2010 - Golrea walea Peer Ki Khidmath Pea Lakhon Salaam!!

jamal afzal Says:


Ahmed Naseeri Says:

May 28, 2009 - While listening to this beautiful recitation,it came to my mind,if the so called´Tauhidis`,decide to delete portions of quran which are in praise of holy prophet ,how much of Quran will be left.

manc184 Says:

Feb 28, 2010 - ALLAH HU AKBAR.

shutyourtrap Says:

Jan 9, 2009 - no poniut blocking anyones comments, let these kutteh have their say...

scorpioking75 Says:

Feb 16, 2009 - may his soul rest in peace !!

qarisadaqatsfan Says:

Jul 6, 2008 - Mashallah a hafiz an alim a qari a naat khwaan hez done it all hez made the sunniz proud

W451M80 Says:

Oct 18, 2012 - Pure pure pure wali

numan tariq Says:

Apr 5, 2014 - pir naseeruddin naseer-qirat