Added: Oct 27, 2008

From: nhuber13

Duration: 2:21

The best and worst crashes of the Red Bull Soap Box Derby at Red Rocks in Denver Colorado. This is what you get to see when you get there 4 hours early and get the best spot on the track

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MrWinFTW Says:

Aug 2, 2011 - is the guy recording this the double rainbow guy?

RC Says:

Mar 13, 2012 - The guy in the jim beam car obviously crashed because he was drunk

GorrillaGusxD Says:

Apr 2, 2012 - sounds like someones jacking off the whole vid

LookItsMrT Says:

Jul 28, 2010 - 1:27 was funny as fuck!

fusionstar916 Says:

Dec 27, 2010 - @nhuber13 I can see you in this other youtube video lol. watch?v=EQzGkerkWbg&feature=related

Driftking Chai Says:

Feb 20, 2010 - @camarodue that 's the best wheelie ever :D he's got a skill :P hehehe

gm2551 Says:

Jun 26, 2011 - Typical American cars ,,,won't go round corners and their drivers are useless.. Have a look at videos by weedoc to see proper soapboxes and real crashes rather than driving into a few bales of straw to get noticed.

ZooYorkMan7 Says:

Sep 7, 2010 - i'll bet they get tired of rebuilding that damn wall

Júnior Freitas Says:

Nov 6, 2011 - kkkkk muito bom... Hoooo Yeeeaaaaa

lesfleur1 Says:

Jul 10, 2013 - The guy slapping that piece of paper was fucking annoying.

chargers218 Says:

Jul 19, 2009 - i saw this one where this kid tried to turn around barriers and was going super fast and flipped like 5 times times

topper2142 Says:

Feb 9, 2010 - lmao looks like so much fun to watch in person!

jonee140 Says:

Jul 8, 2013 - Ur calculators!!!!!!

AdamC3046 Says:


Gary George Says:

Sep 20, 2009 - 1:06 "whose a failure now"!!!

CohenAviran Says:

Jul 24, 2010 - Thats Awsome :)

Brandon Garcia Says:


Michael Pokorný Says:

Apr 29, 2012 - oooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyeeeeaaahhh uuuuuuuuu ääää

Ignacio Martinez Says:

Oct 20, 2012 - lol everyone was going too fast around that chicane. too bad it was the first turn.

majorjingle Says:

Jan 28, 2010 - CALCULATOR

markhoppus18244 Says:

May 7, 2010 - jajjajjaa la gibson se los comio A TODOS !!!!

Maximiliano Cornejo Says:

Jul 27, 2013 - Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!.... excelent vid!!! very funny!!!:)

Mike G Says:

Mar 9, 2011 - hahaha da n#2pencil lmao

Michael Stroh Says:

May 12, 2014 - hahahaha this looks so fun

Bassotronics Says:

Dec 7, 2013 - LMAO