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TheSamsoor Says:

Dec 21, 2010 - fuck off ur pakistan and fuck u ghazala

emaljan123 Says:

Feb 1, 2010 - Pakistanis and taxes? Pakistanis dont even know what really taxes are...U people are just begging from the West, worlds worst begger country is Pakistan..Pakistan is like a dog whenever they need money, they countrys prime minister/president turn his dirty shitty face toward Europe and USA for money! Dawn to all Dirty Asshole Pakizzzz Dirty Minded People.. 60% of Peshawar's economy comes from Afghanis who kicked Terrorists in their ass's! FUCK YOU ALL PAKISTANISZ!

MrHaikay Says:

Jun 21, 2010 - @ChangaManga1000 ay indian sucker dont show your stupidity ok

gujjar26 Says:

May 22, 2010 - @eyzamawatana u fucken kind people like u making pakistani fight each other iam not gone say u r paki u r probley fucken indian so just shut up and enjoy song we dont need your stupid comments ok go get f from her u got this reply back iam waiting for your reply

Umar Khatab Says:

Oct 12, 2010 - @eyzamawatana fuck off

ChangaManga1000 Says:

Feb 28, 2010 - Porkistan murdabad..Da Porkistan da waja nun pa Afghanistan au Waziristan ke PUKHTON qaum tabah au barbad day..

Pakhtunwaki Says:

Aug 2, 2010 - Khukali pakistan?..pakistan de pakhtano qabristan di..zaba yeh nishta,culture yeh nishta,ikhtyaar yeh nishta kor yeh wran di...Da mulk da toor makhi Ranjit singh punjab di... chi pakhtunistan azad na kri pakhtuna zwand pa ta haram di. pakhtunwaki pa hilla

waziland Says:

Feb 12, 2010 - United we stand agains Pakistanis (Punjabis). There comments are in RED Line. You see the power of being united! Good job Guys. Eliminating Pakistan (Punjabis) is Jihadil Akbar, and let India take over Fuckistan, so Pashtuns are free to self determine!

UOBuni Says:

Mar 14, 2010 - @UOBuni Pakistan Zinda Baad kehny se kis harami ko takleef howi hay ager ayse baat hay tu Lakhon dafa PAKISTAN ZINDA BAAD

MrHaikay Says:

Jun 21, 2010 - @themuntazir121 tum gandu ho tome indian our amercan ne fuck kya howa hai is lyee tume Pakistan pasand nahe kune begerata lag khapal gerewan ke soch oka bya dase khbre kawa

007zazai Says:

Apr 25, 2010 - Very disappointed the Pashto have not realized what the Punjabis are doing to them and still comeup with this kind of stupid poetry. Of course a lot of sell out there. I pray for Pashton reunification. Tel dei wee Pakhtoon Qaom.

PorkistankiMaachude Says:

Jun 24, 2010 - @MrHaikay Porkistan murdaba,Zindabad MQM

MrHaikay Says:

Jun 21, 2010 - @eyzamawatana kamene gando if you were in afghanistan you will be fucked by american and indian you people mahajar are 1 number haram khor. haram khor just think ok

Naseem Hatami Says:

Aug 3, 2010 - Hey bitches, dont use bad words... where ever ya from, if u wanna say something then talk like a man, nok like an animal... One thing i know about Pakistan, they have forgot who there mom and dad is, some years back, there was no Pakistan, only Afghanistan and hindustan, plz talk like grown up, nok like children..

khaloona Says:

Feb 6, 2010 - buddy21ru ....salamoona sta gairat ta pakhtoon rora ...oose khwand ookro

MrHaikay Says:

Jun 21, 2010 - @eyzamawatana ao da khar zawe za Punjabi kha yum kho pa ta da asfandyar poza omandam. sara da kunyano majoro.

TheSamsoor Says:

Jan 21, 2011 - fuck pakistan and ghazala

angarsiar Says:

Aug 22, 2010 - @enamkan Hey the mother fucker!!! Do you know about your history ? before 50 years there was no dipshit pakistan that was the colony of Afghanistan i mean part pakhtoonkhawa was belonged to Afg and panjab was belonged to India and it gonna be in future. I am sure you the dochebag is not pashtoon and pashtoon gonna kick your ass one time. Osss ye warta tenga ka.

Waqar Ahmad Says:

Nov 3, 2010 - MA KHO NA MANO KHO ZA 6 TA WAY NO KHA DAY NO......

waziland Says:

Feb 6, 2010 - You fuckistani cocroaches just shut your mouth or talk about your Pencil Neck JINAH, your God! Not Abdali or Ghaznawee!

Aghwan Ahengar Says:

Aug 14, 2010 - ay byshmy, ta khpl zan ne pjany

enamkan Says:

Apr 28, 2010 - @eyzamawatana gando we are pashtoon of Pakistan. afganistani are the fucker bab of gandustani india

waziland Says:

Jan 30, 2010 - Sham the shoom, you cannot whiten your ugly face by soaping yourself under false banner of Paksitanis (Punjabis) Islam. The whole world knows that you shitty ugly faces are the real cause of terror around the worl. Do not mingle India here. We do not care about India, and can take care of itself. It was Afghans ruling them, not Fackistanis. Wait and see how they will ged rid of you. Who will cry if this counrty goes down W/C. We own business even in Fuckistan, so no worries about us!

85idrees Says:

Jul 3, 2010 - afganistan pattan are not good when u go there u can see how they are

ashfaq2001 Says: