Weird Water Experiment!

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  • Author: brusspup


Add me on Facebook This is a really crazy experiment you can do at home. See if you can figure out this water mystery!

Water snake eats weird fish from behind - Attacks Camera! Crazy!

  • Length: 3:34
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  • Author: FilmikiRodzinne


0:55 Escapes | 2:00 Devours | 3:00 Swallows | 3:20 Attacks ▷ Northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon) feasting on what appears to be a male round goby (Neogobi...

Witness: 'Weird' how deep mom was driving in water

  • Length: 3:14
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  • Author: CNN


Two witnesses describe how they watched a mom drive her three children into the ocean at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Archer Fish Water Pistol - Weird Nature - BBC

  • Length: 3:28
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  • Author: BBC Earth


Take a closer look at the weird and wonderful life of the Archer Fish and the Velvet Worm in this great video from BBC animal show 'Weird Nature'. See how a ...

sonic's weird under water adventure

  • Length: 6:31
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  • Author: CarnageCollector


i made this with a different friend this time.

Wasting Water is Weird: Bathroom

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  • Author: WastingWaterIsWeird


There's this moment when using water becomes wasting water. That's when things start getting weird. But don't take our word for it. Just watch Rip the Drip a...


  • Length: 2:35
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  • Author: TheANIMEDUDE09


Copyright 0supermaster0 This illusion will make you think/look like your underwater! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! If your wondering why i put this up is...

Weird Water-Holding Frogs

  • Length: 2:1
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  • Author: National Geographic


This little Australian frog will do anything to survive tough times. It uses its body like a canteen, its feet like shovels, and its skin like a cocoon.

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